Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations to the 2009 BOA Queens!!

As my reign came to an end this past weekend, it was truly bittersweet!
Congratulations to the new Beauties of America's Queens! I know it will be the most amazing year! Thank you Jennifer Reed for being such a wonderful person as well as director! I will miss my pageant sisters...Katie-Britt, Suzanne, Lisa, and Carol! Thank you all for a wonderful weekend, and I hope to see you all again in 3 more years...when I can compete in the 20's!
Thank you Tim at the Pageantcast! You again rocked it out with excellent coverage and we appreciate it so much! I want to personally thank you for helping me out too!
With or without a title, I will continue "to be the change I wish to see in the world" as I continue this amazing journey of life!

I love you all and am a better person because of this opportunity!

Loving life...and ready for my next challenge!

Laurie Kimsey
2008 America's Teen

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Billy's Nightmare! lead role goes to....America's Teen!

Wow! What an amazing year! Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen recently accepted the lead role of Vanessa Harper in the horror thriller filming August til October 2009 "Billy's Nightmare"
The feature film will be produced by Anthony Thomas Productions in NC!
Filming will begin shortly following the National pageant, and film throughout September and into October 2009. Laurie will play the lead female Vanessa and you will all have to keep a watch out for the exciting debut in 2010!
Will she live or die??? What will happen to Vanessa??? aka...America's Teen 2008???

Loving life and living it to the fullest!!
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen 2008 the time has flown!!!

I cannot believe that this summer has FLOWN by so quickly!
Since June 1st, as America's Teen I have had SO many wonderful opportunities and doors that I have walked through!
On June the 8th I had the opportunity to meet the owner and designer of RIVA Designs in Duluth GA! Sonny and Alex were so wonderful, and I may have some oppotunity to model for some of their ads and shows in the near future across the United States!

Then of course there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME when I returned to my roots in Thomasville, NC for a farm photo shoot with Dan Nunnally from Nashville, TN!
Dan is an amazing photographer that is the official photographer for Coyote Ugly in Nashville TN, and a phenomenal photographer for Ujena Swimwear!....and did I mention the owner of Sexy Vision Swimwear/Bikinis of which I am their spokesmodel??
He traveled to my birth town of Thomasville NC for a photo shoot on the farm I and my Mom grew up on to shoot me down home style! It was great....and forever memorable to me! Thanks so much Dan!

Then I traveled to the East Coast Large Car Show in Augusta, New Jersey on June 13th!
We had a great time looking and of course shooting some amazing pics of some incredibly well decorated and artistically painted tractor trailers on display at the show!

Alan Davidson at WOW Prom once again opened his doors to me, America's Teen, in the private Atlanta showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Atlanta GA! I modeled for two days, private viewings only, for WOW prom on June 16 and 17, 2009! Thanks again Alan for all your support this year!

June 20, the Charlotte Knights Baseball team welcomed America's Teen during the throwing out of the first pitch! I am such a huge sports nut!! It was amazing!

July 4th! So you think it's just Independence Day??? Well think again, it was LOU GEHRIG's day! I celebrated July 4th honoring the great Lou Gehrig as an advocate for the research and cure for ALS! He was such an awesome player, and I dedicate this 4th of July to you Lou! IN LOVING MEMORY OF LOU GEHRIG! July 4, 2009! Laurie, America's Teen !

StandOut Retreat! America's Teen represented the Beauties of America on July 10th, 11th, and 12th in Alta Vista VA for 3 days of facing fears, learning about myself, and studied about leadership and nutrition and wellness! Thank you AT Dunn and Chelsea Cooley Altman for your guidance and a great time!

July 25, 2009:
America's Teen washes dirty bikes for Eastern Dirt Magazine at Gastonia Suzuki!!
Thank you Al Roof for the invite!! We had a great time!! Laurie :)

July 27th: Poolside at Daytona Beach Resort with America's Teen! A round of virgin Strawberry Daquiris for everyone! Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen signed autographs and had a great day playing football and swimming with guests in Daytona Beach FL!

America's Teen takes DAYTONA BEACH and WINS the hula hoop contest at Bubba Gump Shrimp!! July 30th, 2009

July 31st, 2009: America's Teen had a great time shopping the world's largest flea market in Daytona Beach FL! We had a wonderful time shopping for some fabulous beach attire, some cool egyptian flare, and beautiful beaded jewelry! Thank you everyone for your the great shopping trip!

BEAUTY AND THE BEACH in the BAHAMAS! Fabulous beach retreat with Miss Universe contestants in Nassau, Cable Beach, Bahamas!! AWESOME!!! August 7th!

August 8th! Straw Market Photo Shoot with Carter Studios in Nassau Bahamas!!

August 9th! Sunrise Shoot in Nassau Bahamas with Carter Studios! America's Teen goes International with an amazing American Photographer!! Loving it!! Laurie :)

August 10th! Miss University Model Search Competition! Congratulations to Jenny Price, Miss Sun Fun Myrtle Beach and the new Miss University! You're awesome Jenny!

Cable Beach VIP Party! America's Teen partied with the most awesome celebrities like
Brett Claywell from "One Life To Live" him dance !!!
Nancy Garcia from Bravo....we really need to make that reality show rock!
My football is ready!!
Randi from "ABC" Television
Rachel Kroes from "E!" You rock girlfriend!! :)
Everyone was really wonderful and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet all of you from the many networks!! Thanks so much! Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Congrats to Miss Relay for !!!

Hi All!
I had a wonderful time tonight, well last night???, hanging out at the North Myrtle Beach High School Relay for Life Event! It was so much fun!
The highlight of the evening was the Miss Relay for Life Contest. These young "women", okay so young fellas that look like women, turned on the charm as 14 delegates worked the stage and answered an onstage question relating to themselves and a school "rumor" about them! It was so funny! Some of the contestants answered, "Yes, it is okay to sleep in class if I'm tired!", or "I don't really think it makes a difference whether or not you go to class.", and the ultimate interview answer of the night was simply, "Ummmm, I am just here for the cancer."

After showboating and interviews, each of the contestants posed, okay played around, onstage while their escorts scurried around collecting dollars.

At the top of the evening, MISS Bryant Stacy was crowned with a Wal-Mart tiara and given a bouquet of beautiful roses for winning the event! He tearfully requested his photo to be taken with his best friend, ME - America's Teen !
Throughout the lightening in the background, the intermittent drizzle, and soggy luminaires, North Myrtle Beach is rocking through the night with a fantastic Relay for Life!

On a serious note, let's all never forget the race for the cure and the need for ongoing support of your local, state, and national American Cancer Society and events like Relay for Life! These are so important for the fight against cancer and the need for a cure!

Congrats once more to Miss Relay for Life, Bryant Stacy!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Today is May 25, 2009....Memorial Day 2009.
This day is such a bittersweet holiday, especially for us remembering a specific Veteran today.
My thoughts, prayers, and love to all of you families and friends that are thinking about a special someone today and thinking about how so many men and women are out there fighting for our country....some that have dedicated their entire lives to the service of our country and others whose lives were shortened while sacrificing their lives for our freedom, safety and well-being.

As many of you know, that have read my blogs, my Uncle Jerry was in the military for over 20 years. He was my sponsor that helped me get into pageants, modeling, and acting. He paved the way for me to have the life that I have achieved to this point and for that I am so grateful. He was a Navy man, that until he passed in 2007 he always showed respect and love for our country. As I spend this Memorial Day in remembrance of the Veterans and those who allow us to live in the great USA I think of how lucky and blessed we all are to have such wonderful family, friends, acquaintances, and many men and women that have given their lives for our country.

My freshman year of high school, I was actually in the NJROTC, yes I really was! lol
I remember how proud Uncle Jerry was of me for signing up. He came to my ceremonies and meets. He even rented a limosine for my NJROTC friends and I to ride in to the Military Ball. So many of the ROTC members knew Uncle Jerry and appreciated his quiet discreet support of the club.
As I said before, this is a bittersweet holiday, so as I really miss my Uncle Jerry, I am so thankful for the Patriotism he taught me.

It is also a wonderful for appreciating my Dad, Brett....once a Marine always a Marine! Sempre Fi!!! The hamburgers, hot dogs, and fun in the sun are always pretty special and GREAT memories in the making!

So Happy Memorial Day everyone!
May it be a happy day of wonderful memories past as well as new memories for the future!!

Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen

Pageantry Magazine :) Thanks BOA!!!

Thank you to the Beauties of America pageant for allowing me to be featured in Pageantry Magazine!!
Carter Studios did another amazing job on my photo to prepare for the new Pageantry and I was so excited to be representing the BOA system as America's Teen!
Thank you Jennifer!
Much love to all of my pageant sisters!!
Beauties of America is such a wonderful system that really focuses on the accomplishments and successes of women of ALL ages!

Give our website a try at and join us in the August 2009 pageant!

AND just want to give a BIG THANK YOU and SHOUT to Tim at The Pageant Cast!! He supports and endorses the Beauties of America's system! We were also the WEBSITE of the WEEK and we just want to say "THANKS TIM!" we've just gotta set up that interview soon! :)

Sending my love! Hope to see everyone at BOA in August!
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back home in Myrtle Beach ! I am blessed !

Hello Everyone!
It's really been a busy couple of weeks! Two Verizon commericals, Paranormal, and several auditions! I am having the time of my life, and I am thankful for so many things and so many people that have affected my life.
This is really a chance to thank a few of the many important people in my life!
First of all I want to say Happy Birthday Mamaw!! My Grandparents attended my pageant last August when I won my title of Beauties of America. It was so awesome to have them there. After the pageant I invited them to come up on stage for a photo and my Mamaw fell and broke her leg! It was a tough ending to such a wonderful night, but I still believe all things happen for a reason! She turned 67 today and Papaw just turned 71 last week on the 12th! They are such a strong God-fearing couple, and I am so thankful to have them as my Grandparents.
Next I want to thank a close friend that help me really step up my modeling a few years ago. Mike Eaddy from Lake City SC (near Florence)took me under his wing as a 15 year old and saw a spark in me that he wanted to develop....and that he did! Mike Eaddy has contributed to my life in such a positive way. I will ever be grateful and thankful for his friendship. We shot again today with Dan Nunnally, the owner of Sexy Vision Swimwear and he is such a trip! Dan traveled here to Myrtle Beach this weekend to finally meet his Top Model in person and to shoot with me himself. It was truly a lot of fun! You guys truly have the ability to make me look like a Barbie Doll !!!
Mom, guys are truly a blessing to me! Brett has given me stability and security for the past 8 years of my life. Mom, you will always be my best friend...and worst! She taught me about constructive criticism and has been such a support system in my year as America's Teen and in my acting and modeling career endeavors.
Life is really good! Thanks Jennifer for your ongoing support and direction of the Beauties of America pageant! This opportunity that has presented itself in my life would not have been possible without you and of course your wonderful Mom too!
I have hundreds more, but I just wanted to take a moment to see that I am blessed!
I will def be back soon!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen

Monday, May 18, 2009

Paranormal filming and Nascar Event!!

Hi All!

I had a great time on Friday May 15, 2009 at Gordon's BBQ in Apex NC where I had the opportunity to not only film my role as Caraline....but I got to make an appearance at the same time as Beauties of America's Teen!
The producers of Paranormal at Cross Shadow Productions were such wonderful people! We had a great time, filmed my scene, and signed some autographs to talk up not only the film that will be released in fall 2009, but the Beauties of America Pageant!
Paranormal is produced by a Christian production company combining the current trend and interest in the paranormal with a Christian production that will be mysterious, fun, yet family oriented!
Thanks again for casting me Cross Shadow Productions....and for asking me to make an appearance for BOA!

Then on Saturday May 16th I traveled South toward Charlotte NC where I was booked as a Verizon Wireless Promotional Girl for the Justin Allgaier #12 Verizon Wireless race car! Beauties of America's Teen once again made herself known at the All Star Race and cheered everyone along! Congrats to Tony Stewart for taking the checkered flag!!

Until next time....
Laurie Kimsey Americas Teen!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Relay For Life

On April 24, 2009 I had the wonderful opportunity to support the Myrtle Beach Relay for Life program at the Ripken Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. At 7:00 pm I sang the National Anthem with the support of the local NJROTC Colour Guard supporting me! I walked in the opening parade with the multitude of cancer survivors and it made my heart so warm to see that people are beating this dreadful disease. The Cancer Survivors were dressed in their purple t-shirts and I was so happy to see their smiling faces. It was totally amazing! The event had tents set up to raise money for the Relay for Life Teams and at 11:00 pm, America's Teen had a great laugh as I crowned "Miss" Relay for Life, and I do use the term "Miss" loosely!
You see each of the teams had one of the men dress as a woman and rally the teams during the 7 to 11 hours at the event. As I crowned Miss Relay the crowds roared and I thought it was just so much fun!

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, I had a cool job working in Charlotte NC as part of the Verizon Team staying connected while meeting Nascar driver Justin Allgaier. In the commercial I was there filming we yelled, "Go Lil Gator!", which as most of you know was quite easy for me since I am the worlds most obnoxious Florida Gator fan, but that's another blog!!...and of course another "Gator" :)

Let's all keep supporting our favorite charities whether it be fighting cancer, fighting against ALS, or whatever is in your heart to support! Most of all, just find a cause and support it! I am so thankful for my health, for my family, and for the safety that God bestows upon my life each and everyday....and I hope to NEVER take it for grantid!

Til next time,
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gearing up for Relay for Life Events!

Hello All! I have been to VA, Panama City Beach, FL, Chicago, and NC....and now I am finally home for a little while! The crown has been traveling all across the US meeting wonderful people, signing autographs, and just simply having fun!
But now we get to a special time of year that is near my heart. As some of you may know, I could have never competed in pageants or started out in modeling without a "sponsor" that made sure I had the funding to get me going years ago. His name is Jerry Shores, better known as "Uncle Jerry". Uncle Jerry made a deal with me about five years ago. He said, "Laurie, you do your school work and make good grades, and instead of beating the bushes for sponsors which takes up a lot of time, I'll be your sponsor". He wanted me to be successful in everything that I wanted to do.
I have so many wonderful memories in my life, all because of this generous soul. Then he got very sick. He was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and lived until August 2007. Before he died, I promised him I would make him proud and continue the legacy of being a giver and a support system to others like he had taught me through his example. When he lost the battle to cancer, I became a promoter of cancer awareness and an advocate of the search for a cure. Cancer took my Uncle Jerry from me, but with the hopes of a cure and the funding for research, I believe it will not all be in vain. I believe if we all work together to raise money, a cure will be found and keep others from losing their mothers, fathers, children, aunts, and of course Uncles! Check out your local American Cancer Society, your local cancer centers, and support your local Relay for Life and let's all join together to beat this horrible disease. Cancer is the enemy and I know it can be beaten!
More and more people are surviving and we will be celebrating their success stories at the Myrtle Beach Relay for Life! I will be at our local Relay on April 24, 2009! If you are in the Myrtle Beach area, come out and join us and help us go over the top on our fundraising this year! If you are not in the area, please....find your local chapters and let's beat cancer together!

Until next time! Cancer-Busters Rock!! :)
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beautiful Richmond VA

Hello all,
As I sit stranded in the Atlanta Airport, I realized I have not blogged in a while so here's an update! On Sunday March 8th, I had the awesome opportunity to shoot in Richmond VA with Miguel for Funky Threads in Richmond VA. The editorial will be in V Magazine, a magazine dedicated to women in the Virginia area. I thought it was wonderful to be selected to participate since as America's Teen I represent the teen division of women all across the United States. V Magazine is published by Kris, the director of the Virginia United States Pageant. She knows the hard work, drive, and importance of pageants as well as representing your crown or title.
I love to travael and pull out my crown and start talking about the BOA System and how we cater not only to the Teens, but 20's 30's 40's 50's and up, celebrating achievement of women of all ages!
I am sister to some really amazing women this year too! Katie Britt is singing and showing up at many events with that bright smile on her face. Lisa is representing us across the New England states, and I can't wait for her to invite me up for a tour of the beauty up there! Suzanne is such a breath of fresh air, and although we are based in the same state, we still have not been able to catch that movie yet, and I know our 50's queen Carol is repping the Beauties program all across the West while directing other pageants as well.
What a wonderful group of gals! I love all of you dearly and I really don't want this year to end. I am having such a great time repping the teens across the US. If I ever get to Panama City Beach tonight, or tomorrow, since I obviously did not get there yesterday as planned, I will be shining the crown for Spring Break in a repectful wholesome way! Teens can have a great time, and stay sober, as well as out of trouble, and I will be an advocate for that this week as well as a role model!
Thanks to Steve Rosenburg for having me come work on staff this week for the Classmate USA high school/college model search for the 2011 calendar. If I ever get there I will work really hard and hopefully get a ton of referrals for the calendar shoot, and for the Beauties of America pageant coming up in August!
Til next time,
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen 2008

Sunday, March 8, 2009

America's Teen in the Bahamas

Hi All! It has been a few weeks since I've blogged because I've been traveling quite a bit. I was back in New York City watching the snow until flying home to prepare for a cruise to the Bahamas!
My latest adventure began by flying home from New York on Friday February 20th. Saturday the 21st, I was booked on a two day photo shoot with Mike Eaddy in Daytona Beach FL for a swimwear company. We had a great time, and I made some wonderful new friends in Daytona. Then on the 23rd I was setting sail from Miami FL aboard the Majesty of the Seas to Nassau Bahamas! Jennifer, the owner of Photo DuJour, photographed Beauties of America's Teen in the Bahamas and I can't wait to post the incredible crown and sash shots she produced. They are simply amazing, and I should have them soon. I shot with six photographers during the cruise in Nassau, Cococay Island, and Key West. I gave out my America's Teen business cards and autographs throughout the trip. I had a wonderful time and the children I met along the way were just beautiful. Even the police officers in Nassau let me direct traffic!
Thanks to Robert and Aerin Fenn, I had the opportunity to stay in St. Augustine following the cruise and enjoy some fantastic shopping at Prime Outlets.
The last stop on this amazing adventure was none other than a trip to the campus of the University of Florida! I met with some of the members of the UFL Crusades for Christ at a fundraising event for the group. They were having a fun filled day of athletic games and events. Everyone was super nice and seemed to enjoy having me around. Of course picking up some new Gator tees and other Gatorwear completed my day!
Now its a week of rest, before packing up and heading out on my next trip!

Until next blog....Later Gator!
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen

Sunday, February 15, 2009

America's Teen & Mrs. America (Paranormal...)

I have been cast in a Christian horror film called "Paranormal" as Caroline. "Paranormal" is produced by Cross Shadow Productions. My character, Caroline, is a beautiful girl who has that "all eyes on me" slow entrance into the scene. Caroline definitely catches at least one person's eye... that's all I can tell you about that ... But a really cool thing about this movie is not only that it is a Christian film, a horror movie, and that my role is a beautiful girl, but that I am co-starring with Mrs. America - Maureen MacDonald!!! She plays the role of Karen and she is such a wonderful person to be around. We have a great scene together and I am really looking forward to working with her along with everyone else. I was able to meet her husband as well, both of them really nice and plesant people :)
I am really blessed to have been chosen for this film and I am extremely excited to be working with everyone at Cross Shadow Productions. My mom and I attended the Meet-and-Greet Friday Feb 13 in Apex, NC where we were able to meet with the cast, crew, and their families. Everyone seems to be very excited about this and everyone is amazingly nice! I had a great time there and I know I will have a great time filming!

God bless !!!

Laurie Kimsey

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You to Trilogy Collection !

I would like to send out a personal thank you to Trilogy Collection for the awesome rhinestone tee I received as Beauties of America's Teen! It's simply adorable. My tee is a white babydoll fitted tshirt in white with PINK rhinestones with a beautiful crown also in rhinestones.
You can see more items that Trilogy offers at and get your own gorgeous rhinestone tee, flip flops, or jewelry!
Soon you can also check out me, Laurie Kimsey - America's Teen sporting my new Trilogy Tee on the photo gallery page as one of their showcased Title Holders!

Thank you again Trilogy for the awesome tee!
It definitely gets you noticed!

Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen 2008

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Health Fair!

Thank you to Total Care Home Health, a division of Gentiva, for allowing me to help with the Grand Strand Health Fair at Coastal Grand Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC. Nurses from Total Care gave free blood pressure and pulse-ox checks, while other Myrtle Beach area organizations provided many other free services and assessments. Other groups included the American Red Cross, Hospice, American Cancer Society/Relay for Life, Grand Strand Hospital, chiroprators, vision exams, and approximately fifty more volunteer groups. For just $20 you could get a 30 panel blood screening, which is an over $300 value. This service was provided by Grand Strand Hospital to encourage families to get these tests which otherwise are often unaffordable.
I signed autographs, took photos with all ages from infant to geriatric, and assisted with taking a few blood pressures. We had a great time socializing and promoting overall health in the Myrtle Beach area.
Thank you Lynn, Pat, and James for having me today...and to those across America I encourage you to attend local health fairs or just schedule your annual physical. Prevention is so much easier and less stressful than treatment of any type of health problem. Remember to eat right, exercise, and consult you physician with any questions you might have relating to your personal health!

Stay healthy!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

Wednesday, February 4, 2009's a secret!!

America's Teen is having a wonderful time in New York City! It seems to be growing on me like a home away from home! I had the opportunity on January 27, 2009 to meet some very influential television and production directors. Although I can not really give any details, I must admit that being America's Teen opened the doors for me to have the chance to meet really incredible people! As I make plans to possibly move up to the Big Apple after my reign this year, it is so nice to know that I have made some true friends along the way that want to see me succeed in life even beyond the crown.
Auditions, just never know what each day will produce in NYC!!
I was also priviledged to visit my dear friend Charlie Winfield of Funny Faces Today, a modeling agency that I have been working with in NY since I was 15! We had a great time catching up and he even posed with me for some pics!

New York is truly an amazing city with some incredible friends!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008


As I visited the 14th state and made my 47th appearance in Greenwich, CT at the photo studio of Matthew Cherry! We had a blast shooting and then went out to a cool place called City Limits for dinner. All the people I met were wonderful! Although the ice covered roads, trees, sidewalks were a bit treacherous.
I'm totally loving everywhere and everyone I meet!
What an amazing year!!
Loving Life!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

***I will post the pics from my crown and sash shoot and some of my new headshots once I get the edited finished images!***

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Philadelphia Motorcycle Expo; January 25, 2009.....CT my 14th State Visited! Yayyy!

Motorcyle Expo!!! What a cool time looking at everything from a custom bike dedicated to the Philadelphia Flyers to wild and crazy fun concept bikes of the future! We had a great time looking and networking with some amazing people in the bike realm. After soaking in some beautiful bikes at the Valley Forge Convention Center, we rode around Philadelphia and saw some pretty amazing works of "art", in honor of my Art Teacher at Keystone High School, Ms. Templar! I had to take some pics of them as I thought of so much information that I had actually learned in my art appreciation class!

As we headed back to New York City, I was surprised with the fact that we were heading to Conneticut for a head shot studio photo shoot tonight!! Awesome! I knew that would be incredible to work with Photos by Hamza for new head shots! Visiting the studio and the residents of CT would make that the 14th state and 47th appearance since being crowned Beauties of America's Teen in August of 2008!
I was so excited to get to add a new appearance and state to my list of travels!
My hair and makeup looked great for the shoot, and I cannot wait for Hamza to give me some pics from the shoot that I can post!!

As I keep on traveling!
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen 2008-09

"STOMP"ing Back in NYC!!

Yes, I am already back in New York City with a busy week planned! Before boarding my flight in NC, I had a wonderful opportunity to see some of my old friends from my hometown of Thomasville, NC! I checked out a game at East Davidson High School with many of my old gang. On January 22, 2009 I flew back up to wonderful New York to prepare for a gang-buster week full of appearances and fun!
First of all after I landed, I was picked up and we headed out to see "STOMP"! It was amazing to see how talented folks can be with garbage cans, brooms, and other household cleaning! It was great, and I enjoyed the show so much!
I used Friday to get settled in and rest up because Saturday morning I was on my way to Philadelphia to see the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Dexter University, and meet new friends along the way! And YES!!! Beauties of America's Teen ran up those stairs with pride and success just like "Rocky" in front of the Philly Museum! I don't think my muscles are quite that big yet, as the statue that stands out front!!
This was the beginning of what I knew was going to be another America's Teen adventure!
Til later!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Link to some more SERDARDESIGN shots!!

Hello All!
I am actually on my way back to New York City today to spend a week working on photo shoots, auditions, and interviews!! Yayyy!
Before I fly out, I just wanted to give you a link to this photoshoot that one of my favorite photographers SerdarDesign has posted online!

My SERDARDESIGN.COM online Gallery: … index.html

Check it out and I hope you enjoy it!
Laurie Kimsey
Americas Teen 2008-09

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

America's Teen Takes New York City!

January 11-13, 2009 I had the most wonderful time pursuing my wishes, hopes, dreams, and goals in New York City, NY!
One of my ambitions while vying for the crown of Beauties of America's Teen was one of my personal goals of attempting to attend the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts; School of Film and Television in New York City! I achieved the next step in my quest for life in New York with a one on one personal audition for the school on Monday January 12! The school was so unbelievable! The staff was more than friendly and accomodating, the dorms were so nice (especially the orange hall with the beautiful tile bathrooms!!) Charlie F, my admissions coordinator is one of the nicest people I have ever met and he really made me feel comfortable!

I finally got the opportunity to go see my dear friend and New York agent Charlie Winfield at FunnyFace Today Inc. It was so great to see the person that gave me the very first opportunity to get to New York in the summer of 2007 and be a working model in New York City! I will never forget the basics that I learned that year and how it helped to mold me into the person that would eventually become America's Teen!

Hamza Hamza!! I love him! Hamza is a New York photographer and film producer, director, and friend! I met him last summer and we shot on the Jersey Shore during my 4th of July vacation. We collaborated and made some great images, and on this trip he was so kind to be my body guard, my taxi driver, and the best teacher of what New York living is really all about!
Hamza introduced me to Juniors Cheesecake....I had no clue it was sooooo good!
I had my picture taken on the "Bull", turned a giant "Cube", visited the United Nations Building, as well as Ground Zero, played in the remains of the "snow", and visited Brooklyn and crossed over to New Jersey to see the New York skyline in all its glory! Thank you Hamza for treating America's Teen truly like royalty!! It was awesome!

Next time you are in New York, you've got to try the melt in your mouth steak at "Old Homestead Steakhouse", also compliments of Hamza! That was the best steak I have eaten in my life! We had a great time staying at the Milford Plaza and spending our last day shopping in Times Square and making a couple of special appearances at "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co" and the "ESPN Zone"!

One of the other many highlights of my amazing New York trip was the Horse and Carriage ride through Central Park the last night of our stay provided as a super surprise from Hamza. The park was so very beautiful with the ice covered snow on the ground, the frozen ponds, the beautiful icy trees and the simple sound of the horse pulling me in my white carriage with red velvet seats, while bundled up in a toasty warm fur blanket.

This amazing adventure made my fairy-tale year as America's Teen even more special than I could have ever imagined! New York, get ready, here I come!!!

Til my next's Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

Coastal Home & Lifestyle Magazine

**************************************************************The 2009 Prom Fashion Spread - Haute Couture for High Schoolers has finally arrived for the Coastal Carolina's! Check it out and you just might recognize one of the models....yes it's ME, America's Teen 2008!
We shot this spread in November with the amazing photography of Scott Smallin of SC and the talented skills of New York make-up artist Perry Foulke!
This dynamic duo is truly amazing, as I am sure I have probably mentioned in other blogs! They are so easy to work with and the results are awesome!!
Check out my new tearsheets, while getting your copy of Coastal Home and Lifestyle Magazine available at The Sun News in Myrtle Beach, SC!
I also want to thank Mrs. Ruth Cole Sheppard for allowing me to represent Sheppard's Boutique in her 2009 ads!

Loving life and riding the wave!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

"Dismal" by FearMakers Studio

Wilmington NC here I come to experience the premiere of the horror genre movie "Dismal", directed by Gary King of New York and written by Bo Buckley! I admit I really wanted to attend the premiere because I spent a couple days last June working on the set of Dismal as Kimmie, and I really loved the cast and crew members that I met and worked with during the filming! I also met a band called "Breathing Amber" from Blakely, GA, and Chase the lead singer was my boyfriend for a day!
Check them out on myspace and give them your support! They are a great up and coming band that will be breaking out of GA with their awesome music soon!
To see more about "Dismal", you can check it out on Fearmakers Studios website or search Dismal on IMDB, then you can get a full listing of the cast, crew, and the many dedicated people that it takes to make a movie!
If you like horror movies, you'll love Dismal!!
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen 2008

ScottSmallinDOTcom & Perry Foulke "They ROCK"

I FINALLY got the most amazing opportunity to work with the incredible photographer Scott Smallin and his multi-talented New York make-up artist and hair stylist Perry Foulke!!! I met them at the shoot for the prom layout coming out this month in Coastal Carolina Home & Lifestyle magazing last month and I was so EXCITED to get to work with them one on one!! They are so impressive and their style simply rocks with a mix of New York style and the alternative creativeness creates images that I totally LOVE!! I can't wait to see more and post more of the shoot! They are also two of the craziest fun people I have EVER worked with! Thanks again guys for a great time and a really cool shoot (January 10, 2009).
Always a fan of Scott & Perry!!!!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

....and the new model/spokesmodel for SexyVisionBikinis is.....Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008! Sexy Vision Bikinis, a new franchise company from Nashville TN for Ujena Swimwear has selected America's Teen for their 2009 website and national swimsuit promotional campaign! Mike Eaddy of Florence, SC was also selected as Chief Photographer for SVB! Mike and I will be working together to create some incredible promotional location photos for the new franchise! I will also be making appearances for the company and my images will be used for promo posters, calendars, brochures, and of course the website and catalogues!!
Having a wonderful New Year! Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

America's Teen shoot for Milano Fashion

As January cranked up so did my traveling!! New Years Eve from South Carolina to North Carolina and then back to South Carolina....then on January 4, 2009 I headed out to Atanta GA for a photo shoot for the prom catalogue for Milano Fashions! Thank you to Stevee Ashlock for your hospitality and for the photo ops! Stevee is not only the owner of Stoneybrook Productions in Atlanta GA, a fantastic non-exclusive modeling agency in the Atlanta area, but she is also an amazing pianist from Las Vegas! She has been in the entertainment industry for years and still works hard and does an a great job for her talent and with her own talent!
We had such a great time and all the girls were wonderful! It was a fantastic shoot, and a ton of fun!

Happy New Year!!

.............................As the ball fell in Times Square in New York, I was having a wonderful New Years with friends and family! But just a few hours prior I was being interviewed by Blank Surfaces-Across the Canvas, a film production company in Wilmington NC that has added Beauties of America's Teen 2008 as one of their new hosts for 2008-09! While I was there I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Anthony from ERPM Productions in Atlanta GA. He and I will also be working on some other top secret projects in the next couple of months that will most definitely be newsworthy once in production!! Shhhhh!!! ;)
Yayyy! I am having a great time working with Across the Canvas as a hosts!
On New Years Day we continued filming with Catherine Sewell, Doug Shaw, Jerry and Jane Harrison, Anthony and of course Lance!! We will be traveling in 2009 meeting and introducing new artists across the US....while having a great time in the process!

December 2008 America's Teen Update

Wowww! I can't believe it's been so long, but now I get to update everyone on my December events! December started off with an amazing Christmas Event that my pageant sister Suzanne, our director Jennifer, and I got to attend at Dillards-Coastal Grande Mall, Myrtle Beach, SC. On December 7, we had an amazing time! It was wonderful! Thank you to all the special people at Dillards that made us feel so special!
On December 13, 2008 I had a great time representing Beauties of America in the Gafney SC Christmas Parade. Prior to being crowned America's Teen 2008, I had won the SC Peach Festival Pageant in Gafney SC! It was a cold but beautiful day.
After the 10:00 am parade, I traveled down to Charleston SC to visit the Charleston Art Institute and meet many of the key people that are working on the 2009 Charleston Fashion Week in March 2009. I hope to attend that also, because Charleston really does it up right and in an amazing way comparable to the New York Fashion Week in the park.
I spent Christmas in Thomasville NC with family and old friends! It was truly wonderful to take some time off for family and be thankful for the Christmas season!