Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beautiful Richmond VA

Hello all,
As I sit stranded in the Atlanta Airport, I realized I have not blogged in a while so here's an update! On Sunday March 8th, I had the awesome opportunity to shoot in Richmond VA with Miguel for Funky Threads in Richmond VA. The editorial will be in V Magazine, a magazine dedicated to women in the Virginia area. I thought it was wonderful to be selected to participate since as America's Teen I represent the teen division of women all across the United States. V Magazine is published by Kris, the director of the Virginia United States Pageant. She knows the hard work, drive, and importance of pageants as well as representing your crown or title.
I love to travael and pull out my crown and start talking about the BOA System and how we cater not only to the Teens, but 20's 30's 40's 50's and up, celebrating achievement of women of all ages!
I am sister to some really amazing women this year too! Katie Britt is singing and showing up at many events with that bright smile on her face. Lisa is representing us across the New England states, and I can't wait for her to invite me up for a tour of the beauty up there! Suzanne is such a breath of fresh air, and although we are based in the same state, we still have not been able to catch that movie yet, and I know our 50's queen Carol is repping the Beauties program all across the West while directing other pageants as well.
What a wonderful group of gals! I love all of you dearly and I really don't want this year to end. I am having such a great time repping the teens across the US. If I ever get to Panama City Beach tonight, or tomorrow, since I obviously did not get there yesterday as planned, I will be shining the crown for Spring Break in a repectful wholesome way! Teens can have a great time, and stay sober, as well as out of trouble, and I will be an advocate for that this week as well as a role model!
Thanks to Steve Rosenburg for having me come work on staff this week for the Classmate USA high school/college model search for the 2011 calendar. If I ever get there I will work really hard and hopefully get a ton of referrals for the calendar shoot, and for the Beauties of America pageant coming up in August!
Til next time,
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen 2008

Sunday, March 8, 2009

America's Teen in the Bahamas

Hi All! It has been a few weeks since I've blogged because I've been traveling quite a bit. I was back in New York City watching the snow until flying home to prepare for a cruise to the Bahamas!
My latest adventure began by flying home from New York on Friday February 20th. Saturday the 21st, I was booked on a two day photo shoot with Mike Eaddy in Daytona Beach FL for a swimwear company. We had a great time, and I made some wonderful new friends in Daytona. Then on the 23rd I was setting sail from Miami FL aboard the Majesty of the Seas to Nassau Bahamas! Jennifer, the owner of Photo DuJour, photographed Beauties of America's Teen in the Bahamas and I can't wait to post the incredible crown and sash shots she produced. They are simply amazing, and I should have them soon. I shot with six photographers during the cruise in Nassau, Cococay Island, and Key West. I gave out my America's Teen business cards and autographs throughout the trip. I had a wonderful time and the children I met along the way were just beautiful. Even the police officers in Nassau let me direct traffic!
Thanks to Robert and Aerin Fenn, I had the opportunity to stay in St. Augustine following the cruise and enjoy some fantastic shopping at Prime Outlets.
The last stop on this amazing adventure was none other than a trip to the campus of the University of Florida! I met with some of the members of the UFL Crusades for Christ at a fundraising event for the group. They were having a fun filled day of athletic games and events. Everyone was super nice and seemed to enjoy having me around. Of course picking up some new Gator tees and other Gatorwear completed my day!
Now its a week of rest, before packing up and heading out on my next trip!

Until next blog....Later Gator!
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen