Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year!!

.............................As the ball fell in Times Square in New York, I was having a wonderful New Years with friends and family! But just a few hours prior I was being interviewed by Blank Surfaces-Across the Canvas, a film production company in Wilmington NC that has added Beauties of America's Teen 2008 as one of their new hosts for 2008-09! While I was there I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Anthony from ERPM Productions in Atlanta GA. He and I will also be working on some other top secret projects in the next couple of months that will most definitely be newsworthy once in production!! Shhhhh!!! ;)
Yayyy! I am having a great time working with Across the Canvas as a hosts!
On New Years Day we continued filming with Catherine Sewell, Doug Shaw, Jerry and Jane Harrison, Anthony and of course Lance!! We will be traveling in 2009 meeting and introducing new artists across the US....while having a great time in the process!

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