Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Philadelphia Motorcycle Expo; January 25, 2009.....CT my 14th State Visited! Yayyy!

Motorcyle Expo!!! What a cool time looking at everything from a custom bike dedicated to the Philadelphia Flyers to wild and crazy fun concept bikes of the future! We had a great time looking and networking with some amazing people in the bike realm. After soaking in some beautiful bikes at the Valley Forge Convention Center, we rode around Philadelphia and saw some pretty amazing works of "art", in honor of my Art Teacher at Keystone High School, Ms. Templar! I had to take some pics of them as I thought of so much information that I had actually learned in my art appreciation class!

As we headed back to New York City, I was surprised with the fact that we were heading to Conneticut for a head shot studio photo shoot tonight!! Awesome! I knew that would be incredible to work with Photos by Hamza for new head shots! Visiting the studio and the residents of CT would make that the 14th state and 47th appearance since being crowned Beauties of America's Teen in August of 2008!
I was so excited to get to add a new appearance and state to my list of travels!
My hair and makeup looked great for the shoot, and I cannot wait for Hamza to give me some pics from the shoot that I can post!!

As I keep on traveling!
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen 2008-09

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