Friday, April 3, 2009

Gearing up for Relay for Life Events!

Hello All! I have been to VA, Panama City Beach, FL, Chicago, and NC....and now I am finally home for a little while! The crown has been traveling all across the US meeting wonderful people, signing autographs, and just simply having fun!
But now we get to a special time of year that is near my heart. As some of you may know, I could have never competed in pageants or started out in modeling without a "sponsor" that made sure I had the funding to get me going years ago. His name is Jerry Shores, better known as "Uncle Jerry". Uncle Jerry made a deal with me about five years ago. He said, "Laurie, you do your school work and make good grades, and instead of beating the bushes for sponsors which takes up a lot of time, I'll be your sponsor". He wanted me to be successful in everything that I wanted to do.
I have so many wonderful memories in my life, all because of this generous soul. Then he got very sick. He was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and lived until August 2007. Before he died, I promised him I would make him proud and continue the legacy of being a giver and a support system to others like he had taught me through his example. When he lost the battle to cancer, I became a promoter of cancer awareness and an advocate of the search for a cure. Cancer took my Uncle Jerry from me, but with the hopes of a cure and the funding for research, I believe it will not all be in vain. I believe if we all work together to raise money, a cure will be found and keep others from losing their mothers, fathers, children, aunts, and of course Uncles! Check out your local American Cancer Society, your local cancer centers, and support your local Relay for Life and let's all join together to beat this horrible disease. Cancer is the enemy and I know it can be beaten!
More and more people are surviving and we will be celebrating their success stories at the Myrtle Beach Relay for Life! I will be at our local Relay on April 24, 2009! If you are in the Myrtle Beach area, come out and join us and help us go over the top on our fundraising this year! If you are not in the area, please....find your local chapters and let's beat cancer together!

Until next time! Cancer-Busters Rock!! :)
Laurie Kimsey
America's Teen

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