Saturday, May 30, 2009

Congrats to Miss Relay for !!!

Hi All!
I had a wonderful time tonight, well last night???, hanging out at the North Myrtle Beach High School Relay for Life Event! It was so much fun!
The highlight of the evening was the Miss Relay for Life Contest. These young "women", okay so young fellas that look like women, turned on the charm as 14 delegates worked the stage and answered an onstage question relating to themselves and a school "rumor" about them! It was so funny! Some of the contestants answered, "Yes, it is okay to sleep in class if I'm tired!", or "I don't really think it makes a difference whether or not you go to class.", and the ultimate interview answer of the night was simply, "Ummmm, I am just here for the cancer."

After showboating and interviews, each of the contestants posed, okay played around, onstage while their escorts scurried around collecting dollars.

At the top of the evening, MISS Bryant Stacy was crowned with a Wal-Mart tiara and given a bouquet of beautiful roses for winning the event! He tearfully requested his photo to be taken with his best friend, ME - America's Teen !
Throughout the lightening in the background, the intermittent drizzle, and soggy luminaires, North Myrtle Beach is rocking through the night with a fantastic Relay for Life!

On a serious note, let's all never forget the race for the cure and the need for ongoing support of your local, state, and national American Cancer Society and events like Relay for Life! These are so important for the fight against cancer and the need for a cure!

Congrats once more to Miss Relay for Life, Bryant Stacy!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen :)

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