Sunday, February 15, 2009

America's Teen & Mrs. America (Paranormal...)

I have been cast in a Christian horror film called "Paranormal" as Caroline. "Paranormal" is produced by Cross Shadow Productions. My character, Caroline, is a beautiful girl who has that "all eyes on me" slow entrance into the scene. Caroline definitely catches at least one person's eye... that's all I can tell you about that ... But a really cool thing about this movie is not only that it is a Christian film, a horror movie, and that my role is a beautiful girl, but that I am co-starring with Mrs. America - Maureen MacDonald!!! She plays the role of Karen and she is such a wonderful person to be around. We have a great scene together and I am really looking forward to working with her along with everyone else. I was able to meet her husband as well, both of them really nice and plesant people :)
I am really blessed to have been chosen for this film and I am extremely excited to be working with everyone at Cross Shadow Productions. My mom and I attended the Meet-and-Greet Friday Feb 13 in Apex, NC where we were able to meet with the cast, crew, and their families. Everyone seems to be very excited about this and everyone is amazingly nice! I had a great time there and I know I will have a great time filming!

God bless !!!

Laurie Kimsey

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