Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alston Brook Nursing Facility

On Friday September 26, 2008 I traveled to Lexington NC to visit the residents of Alston Brook Nursing Facility. I met so many wonderful residents and they were so happy to have some visitors. Mrs. Barber was so adorable as she sang to me during my visit. Other residents gave me giant hugs and walked around with me during my visit. They smiled as I wondered through the facility. I handed out cards with my photo on them so I could get a few new Grandparents to adopt me! I really enjoyed my visit, and I realized how much it means to others for us to take a few hours out of our day and volunteer. It only takes time, and the happy fuzzy feeling it leaves inside afterwards is priceless! Thank you to Trilogy Collections for the BOA rhinestone tee with my title on it! I love it, and really loved wearing it to my appearance!
Laurie Kimsey ::: America's Teen 2008

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