Saturday, November 22, 2008

rlee shoot !

Robin Lee, owner creator designer, of rlee collections invited Beauties of America's Teen 2008 to come down to Charleston, SC on Friday November 21, 2008 for a photo shoot to use in future ads and other marketing materials! It was a ton on fun on such a cold 40-ish degree day with a wind chill of 30-ish!
rlee collections creates hand made custom feather purses. She also produces custom jewelry that is simply amazing. I represented the University of South Carolina in a shoot for team rivalry's "Clemson vs. USC", a bridesmaid, and cute little dress for spring all with a focus on Robin's incredible purse designs!
Check her out at and look for her designs in magazines with top celebrities and bridal magazines. She was also one of my sponsors in the Beauties of America pageant that led to this incredible title and year that I am living!

Loving life!! Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

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