Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome to TENNESEE!!

Callie, Laurie, Lauren, Jamie, Lacie, Tangela

////////////////////////////////Well, the roadtrip continues with a nice little stop in Tennesee! We stopped on the side of the road just to make sure we had the "Tennessee welcomes you" sign in my scrapbook. We later spent some time socializing in a travel plaza. It was fun just being casual and personable! Unfortunately I did not get to add Nashville to my stops, because I have several friends and acquintances that I really need to visit! Benjamin Gibbs, National Freelance Photography, is not only a great photographer, but a personal friend! I definitely need to take the crown to visit Benjamin and his amazing make-up artist Cee! They made me look fantastic last year when I had the honor of being the National Face of Winter 2008. Benjamin and I had a great time from shooting Bridal portraits to lovely portfolio shots to headshots to even swinging in an old tire swing out by the Clovercroft Wedding Chapel! One of the models I travel with is Lauren Grissom. She is not only a beautiful model, but the girlfriend and video girl of the up and coming country superstar Jake Owens! Look for both of them on the red carpet at the Country Music Awards!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008

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